Fix for PS2 Disc Read Errors (Slim)

Ok well, yesterday, I was bored and actually decided to play some good old PS2. So, I snatched my copy of NFS:ProStreet and plopped it into the PS2. To my surprise, it just gave me an error that informed me about not being able to read the disc. So, in trying to diagnose the problem, I stuck in a game that is on a CD (Midnight Club) and whatdya know? It works fine.

So I assumed the problem was with my disc, after cleaning it, it still doesn’t work. So, this is what you need to do, this seems to only effect games on DVD however.

Open the lid on the PS2 and follow the diagram presented below…magic-switch-whole-300Take that small metal piece I have circled (ignore all the red circles) and gently slide it down until it is touching the metal circle in the center. This should fix the issue. Please note, this will only work if you are 100% certain your disk is not the problem. There are plenty of other problems that could be causing this error, but this seems to be a very easy and common solution to the problem.


~ by DecemberDoom on January 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Fix for PS2 Disc Read Errors (Slim)”

  1. my disk still wont read……. what now oh wise one -.-

  2. Do all your DVD disks not read, or just that one? If it’s just that one then it’s your disk and nothing can be done. Theres also plenty of other hardware related issues. This was just a simple “quick-fix” that worked for me. No need to get worked up about it.

  3. um no ps2 game is not on dvd, even the blue back games are dvd format


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